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Professional or DIY?

Winter has finally come to an end after patiently waiting for the warm temperatures to start showing up. The sun is out, and the grass is green and growing before you even know it. The days are growing longer, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. With all this beautiful weather comes the never-ending task of keeping your lawn and gardens in good shape. All of this leads to one question, why Should You Hire a Landscaper?

Maintaining a lush green lawn is something many

dads pride themselves in across the country. "This

will be the year that I perfect the art of mowing the

grass," you might think as you pull out your mower

and prepare to mow the lawn. However, the last

thing the average homeowner wants to do at the

end of a busy week is spend your weekend mowing the lawn and pruning the bushes. You deserve to take your weekend back and spend time with the family or go out to the park.

There are endless benefits to hiring a landscaper to take care of your lawn. Let’s look at what it costs you as a homeowner to take care of your own lawn. To start off, getting the basic push mower from your local hardware store is going to cost you at least $400. If you are one of the lucky people with a big yard, you’re going to need to get yourself a riding mower which will cost, you upwards of $2,000. This is just the absolute basics, we haven’t even got into the other tools required to keep that lawn in perfect shape. You are going to need a string trimmer for $250, an edger that’s a minimum $300, and then a leaf blower to add on another $200. By the time you have purchased everything, you’ve spent anywhere from $1,150 to $2,750. This doesn’t even include the gas you need every week and the constant maintenance and repairs your machines require. If you don’t know how to fix some of these items yourself, the cost to get them fixed is often just as much as getting a new one. The most important cost of all these expenses is the cost of missing out on the weekend that you spent mowing your lawn.

Now let’s look at the cost of hiring a Lawn Care company

to maintain your yard. Here in Winnipeg, most Lawn Care

and Landscaping companies charge about $30 per cut

for city lots. With our spring, summer, and fall months

lasting 6 months at most, you only need to get your lawn

cut 24 times a year. The Homeowner gets to skip out on

the hassle of maintaining the yard, buying, and maintaining equipment, while getting to come home to that perfectly cut lawn every day. The process to hire a lawn care company is super simple and will only cost you on average, $720 a year. If you are on a budget most companies will also allow you to get bi-weekly service for an even cheaper. This is an alternative but won’t keep your lawn in the shape you want year-round.

So, the final question is, should I hire a lawn care company this year? In the long-term, you might save money buying your own equipment and mowing the grass yourself. What you will miss out on, is your time, and enjoying our short-lived Winnipeg summers that we all love. If you don’t want your lawn to get out of hand, hire professionals like Straight Edge Lawn Care that will maintain your lawn every week, deal with all the headaches and problems, and provide a clean cut every time.

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