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Weed Control and Fertilizer


Weed and Feed

Don’t have time to keep up with picking the weeds in your lawn? Don't know which chemicals or fertilizers to use? Let us take care of it for you. We dedicate ourselves to researching the best, safest, and most effective weed applications to use in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is important to find the perfect herbicide that is safe to use on your lawn and around your neighborhood. Straight Edge uses a mix of weed controls that will get rid of your pesky dandelions, weeds, and more, but won't kill your lush lawn.

We want to not only keep your lawn weed free but keep it green and healthy all season long. After our herbicide application, we come in with our specially selected fertilizer to promote grass growth in the space where weeds once were. Part of weed control is encouraging strong grass to grow to crowd out any existing or growing weeds. our fertilizer also helps to fill in any dead or brown spots so your lawn is left looking a beautiful deep green every time.

Schedule your Weed and Feed package before the season starts!


Weed Control and Fertilizer Packages

All prices are based on lawn up to 3,000 square feet. Select and book your package now!

Basic Package

Premium Package


Platinum Package




3 Fertilizer Applications

4 Fertilizer Applications

6 Fertilizer Applications

3 Par3 Weed Control Applications

4 Par3 Weed Control Applications

6 Par3 Weed Control Applications

Covers Spring and Early Summer

Covers Spring and Full Summer

Covers all season 

What comes with each Weed + Feed Package

Find what fits your needs and budget!

Basic Package - 3 Visits

1st Visit - Early Spring

  • High nitrogen spring fertilizer mix applied for fast green up in your lawn.

  • Full Blanket application of Par3 Weed Control to kill existing weeds and prevent new weeds.

2nd Visit - Late Spring

  • Fertilizer application to improve the thickness and density of the lawn

  • Full Blanket application of Par3 Weed Control to kill existing weeds and prevent new weeds.

3rd Visit - Early Summer

  • Fertilizer application to improve lawn strength and boost to survive the summer heat.

  • Full Blanket Par3 Weed Control is applied to get rid of stubborn weeds.

Premium Package - 4 Visits

4th Visit - Mid Summer

  • Fertilizer to combat the long hot days and provide nutrients missing from your lawn

  • Full Blanket Par3 weed control is applied.

Platinum Package - 6 Visits

5th Visit - Late Summer

  • Fertilizer is applied to prepare root development for changing temperatures and fall.

  • Full Blanket Par3 weed control is applied.

6th Visit - Fall

  • Fertilizer is applied to prepare the lawn for the harsh temperatures of winter

  • Full Blanket Par3 weed control is applied.

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