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Snow Removal & De-Ice Services

Winnipeg Snow Removal

Don't get stuck out in the snow this winter. Straight Edge is on the clock waiting for the first snowflake to fall. Our team has all the manpower and equipment to get your driveway cleared within 24 hours. Our experience and customer loyalty are what prove us as the most reliable snow removal company in Winnipeg.

Snow Removal Rates

Pick the size of your driveway and we will contact you to confirm your price for Snow Removal

1-2 Car Driveway

3-4 Car Driveway


5-7 Car Driveway

/ Month


/ Month


/ Month


Walkways and Steps Cleared

Walkways and Steps Cleared

Walkways and Steps Cleared

1 Inch Snow Trigger

1 Inch Snow Trigger

1 Inch Snow Trigger

24 Hour Response Time

24 Hour Response Time

24 Hour Response Time

Add Ice-Melt to keep your walkways and steps SLIP FREE!

Ice-Melt is an additional fee on top priced at $1.14 / pound

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Please Note: Limited amounts of spots for snow removal

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ice melt

Commercial Snow Removal

We handle all properties big or small

Commercial Parking Lot Plowing

We are equipped with all the necessary machinery to clear Commercial parking lots. From plow trucks to skid steers we are ready to tackle all parking lots so your customers can safely enter your business before the crack of dawn.

Walkway and Steps Clearing

A commercial property snow removal contract is of no use if the sidewalks and entrances are still covered with snow. Along with our parking lot snow clearing, we have the manpower to clear all sidewalks, entrances, and stairways to your facility.

Salting & Sanding

We use a mix of salt and sand to ensure parking lots and walkways are kept safe. Whether you need the surface melted down to concrete or sanded for added foot grip Straight Edge is equipped to throw down salt and sand before the traffic arrives.

Snow Pile Moving and Hauling

Parking lots are first pushed to big piles in selected areas so we can clear all areas as quickly as possible. Once those piles become too big for the area from the huge snowfalls we get in Winnipeg, we load and haul away the piles as needed.


We Clear Snow So You Don't Have To

Having an uncleared Driveway or parking lot can be an inconvenience, a safety issue and generally unnatractive to your guests. no one wants to make their guests or themselves trudge through a foot of snow or risk slipping on a set of uncleared stairs. Clearing snow is not for the faint of heart, it requires early moring and overnight work hours and sometimes the storage of heavy machinery. Not to mention the physical toal it can take on your body. We have dedicated our winter operations to making our snow removal system one that works like a well oiled machine. we have all the right tools to make the job effecient and leave your area cleared before you even know.

Trained, Insured and Ready To Go

Snow removal is never a small operation to take on. It is expensive to operate, requires lots of manpower and training on equipment and we are on the clock 24/7. This is why the saying goes "cheaper is never better". When it comes to snow removal, what you pay for is what you get. The cheaper guy who only handles a few properties or does it themselves is not ready for the big 30cm dumps we get, or ready to be out clearing snow on a minute's notice. If a small operation has a broken down truck, sick employee, or sleeps in there is no one left to get you out of your driveway. Straight Edge has multiple trucks and pieces of equipment to make our snow removal operation as efficient as possible. We have staff full time and on-call ready to go at a moment's notice to guarantee our 24-hour snow removal. We are a locally owned company that is insured for residential and commercial snow removal and de-icing. All of our employees are covered under WCB.


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