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Spring and Fall Clean-ups

We Book Up Very Fast in the Spring

Book ahead of time to make sure you reserve your spot for a Spring Cleanup and Summer Services!

Spring Property Clean-up

When the temperature starts to warm up and the snow melts, we all can't wait to get outside and start using our yards. With dead piles of leaves remaining from fall, the salt and sand that's been pushed into your yard from the spring, the yard is starting to look like a mess. There is a lot of work to be done and lots of yards to get cleaned, and Straight Edge Lawn Care is ready to go as soon as the ground dries. Our Spring Cleanup includes power raking the lawn, blowing out all beds and areas of the lawn for leaves and debris, and the first mowing of the year. We also haul away all debris from the property. Want to stand out from your neighbours, get your yard looking healthy and green by adding our aeration and overseeding services to give your lawn a boost out of the winter. In the fall we clean up and haul all leaves from the property.

We can only take one so many cleanups in the spring, and customers with full-year plans get first picks, please book as early as possible to ensure you get your yard cleared!



Yard Cleanup Rates

All prices are based on lawn up to 3,000 square feet. Book now to get added to our Spring Cleanup List

Power Raking



Full Spring Cleanup


based on 3,000 sqft lawn


based on 3,000 sqft lawn


based on 3,000 sqft lawn

Power Raking Lawn

Power Raking Lawn

Core aeration

Debris is bagged and hauled away

All garden beds are blown out, debris & leaves collected

Commercial grade equipment used

First lawn cut and trim of season

First lawn cut and trim of season

Increases lawn ability to absorb nutrients

Which Package to Choose?

Full Spring Cleanup + Power Raking

Other Spring Services

Although there is a lot of work to be done when spring comes, we are ready to tackle it all! The full spring cleanup package is an in-depth cleaning of your yard and lawn. This is far from a basic cleanup as we, not only power rake the entire lawn, but we also blow out all garden beds and tight corners with leaves left over from fall. We don't stop here, now we bag and haul away all debris, leaves, and material from the yard including that stubborn sand stuck on your boulevard. Finally, we give your lawn the first mow and trim of the season to get those nice stripes and straight edges.

Only need the power raking done? Book us to come power rake the yard with our commercial-grade machines that pull up the dead grass and thatch stuck in your yard. We don't leave any messes! All thatch and debris are bagged and hauled away and your lawn receives a fresh mow and trimming.



 For those looking to be the hottest house on the block, Your choice is our Full Spring Cleanup + Aeration package. This is the full cleanup as described before with the addition of aeration services. Aerating a lawn pokes little holes down the roots of your lawn that allows nutrients and fertilizers to be better absorbed into the grass. It improves the growth and health of your lawn. Now that your lawn is aerated, this is the perfect time to add fertilizer or top dressing to the grass as it has to opportunity to find its way to the roots of the grass. Contact us to add on fertilizers or top dressing today!


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